Fluoride Treatments in Crystal Lake, IL

While cavities are one of the most common dental ailments, that doesn’t make them any less dangerous to your oral health. Cavities come in all sizes, ranging from small ones just starting on the surface of your tooth to cavities that, if left untreated, can get to the pulp of your tooth where they can compromise the structural integrity of the tooth and expose the sensitive nerves lying below the dentine.

It’s best to have your cavities treated early once they are spotted so that they do not become a more serious issue that requires a root canal. Treating early usually means a quick filling will be used to fill the cavity and prevent its progression. However, if your dentist has spotted the beginnings of a cavity, many times it can be stopped in its tracks using a fluoride treatment.

Fluoride is known to strengthen bones, and it’s one of the best courses of action you and your dentist can take when it comes to protecting your teeth against cavities. Your dentist will offer you a fluoride treatment at your next cleaning or scheduled appointment if you haven’t had one in recent months. The fluoride treatment can come in the form of a tray, filled with treatment foam and placed onto your teeth, or in the form of a rinse that can be swished in your mouth and then spit out.

Either treatment is considered highly effective in protecting your teeth against cavities. The flavored trays are typically reserved for children who may have trouble swishing a rinse without swallowing it. The rinse is generally seen as quicker, easier, and more effective for teenagers and adults who can safely swish it in their mouths without the risk of them swallowing it by accident.

The next time you visit our office for a cleaning, ask your dentist about fluoride treatments in Crystal Lake to help protect your smile.


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